Available: August, 2014



A little about me

I'm a 3D Character Animator interested in bringing characters to life and willing to work where I can develop my skills while producing great quality animation.

On over 6 years in the industry I have worked in a diverse range of projects. From the cartoony TV commercials at Vetor Zero to visual effects for Stargate Universe at Image Engine, to cinematics for a cartoony unrealeased game and even a full CG movie at Modus FX. More recently I animated for the over-the-top action games Prototype 2 at Radical Entertainment, Need for Speed and Army of Two at EA.

I think that having worked on several niches of the animation industry allows me to bring a fresh perspective on each project I face. I'm also very interested in learning new skills, being involved directly in the development of new features on the animation pipeline, character rigs, game design and even effects.

I am also interested in designing (and programming) animation tools to speed up the process and deliver top quality animation.

The most recent videos are also posted on the gallery on the left. Right-Click on the Quicktime logo above each video to download a better quality file.

Make sure to download my resume by right-clicking on the Resume icon on the top of the page. And if you are interested in contacting me, feel free to e-mail me at mike_ab@hotmail.com.